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This service enables beneficiaries to listen to texts and books available to them instead of reading them.


This service relies on converting texts and books from written text format to audio files, using a range of specialized tools and software in this field. Consequently, beneficiaries can listen to the converted texts and books as audio files on any device that supports audio playback, such as smartphones, tablets, or audio players.


The audio translation service for written texts and content is an effective way to enable visually impaired individuals to fully benefit from written content and texts, by converting them into audio files that can be easily and conveniently listened to.


This service contributes to improving the quality of life for the visually impaired and helps them access knowledge and information with ease and convenience.

Visually impaired and blind services

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  • The service for the visually impaired through converting texts and books into audio files is a service provided to individuals who suffer from visual impairment or blindness. It aims to facilitate access to information and written content with ease and convenience.

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