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Best Games Localization Resources

Game localization is a crucial aspect of adapting video games to suit particular audiences or international markets. To successfully localize a game, developers need to consider factors such as cultural norms, formatting, language locales, and user demographics. Here are some helpful resources for anyone looking to learn more about game localization:

  • Tomedes provides a comprehensive guide to game localization, covering everything from the basics to advanced strategies.

  • Transifex offers a quick guide to localizing games for global markets, including tips on determining which markets to enter based on user demographics.

  • Summa Linguae's guide to video game localization provides best practices and expert advice for maximizing a game's international appeal.

  • Superjump Magazine explores the importance of localizing game characters and provides go-to practices for tailoring characters to different cultures.

  • BLEND offers 10 best practices for game localization, emphasizing the importance of taking cultural norms into account.

  • The Game Localization Handbook is a book authored by two experts in game localization, providing detailed information on how to localize games effectively.

  • The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) also offers a best practices guide for game localization, including strategies for culturalization and translation.

  • Lastly, LocKit is a set of localization tools that can provide a detailed guide to game translators regarding industry terminologies.

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